Sep 22, 2012

Herbalife spreadsheet

Who works with a group of people or manages a project knows that it is important to share data quickly. One of the tools that I find useful in this task are the spreadsheets online Spreadsheets, which multiple users can use simultaneously. This Google product just released by Google Labs and is a trial version. However, despite the possible instabilities, still worth checking out. Especially because your comments are vital for our engineers to improve this application. The ability to share spreadsheets online is the differential spreasheet. As each sheet is available online, and not stored on the hard drive of your personal computer, several people can add or edit data at any time and from different computers. After naming and saving your spreadsheet, you invite other people to access it. Simply send them an email and select the level of access each: editors or visitors. When two or more people using a spreadsheet at the same time, an embedded chat allows her to communicate. Online Spreadsheet adds many more features of spreadsheets used, as the possibility of entering formulas, sort data and create statistics. You can also import previously created spreadsheets in CSV or XLS. You can also save the worksheets that you create in CSV, XLS and HTML. A major advantage of this type of tool is the time savings because you do not need to save spreadsheets and email them as attachments to e-mail to several people, since they can see them and edit them online. Online Spreadsheet is an experimental project, but it was considered one of the most useful tools according to a recent survey conducted among readers and contributors of Time magazine. So, you want to try? Simply create your spreadsheets now!