Jul 30, 2009

Weight loss improves health and mood of people with depression.

A recent study at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, indicates that after six months of program behavior for weight loss, depressed patients not only lose 8% of their initial weight and reduce their levels of triglycerides, as reported significant reduction in depressive symptoms .

Evaluating 51 people, among patients with depression and healthy people, researchers found that the program of exercises has benefits for mental and physical health of participants. "This new research is clinically depressed because individuals are normally not included in tests of weight loss, because of concerns that the weight loss may worsen your depression," explained the authors.

Based on the results - which showed benefits in weight loss in depressive symptoms and levels of triglycerides, "good" cholesterol, glucose and insulin - the researchers conclude that "depression and obesity are independently associated with increased risk of heart disease and stroke and such reductions in body weight and symptoms of depression probably improve the results of health in the long run. "

Rate of death from strokes is higher on weekends, research indicates

There is a good time to suffer a stroke, but a new study from the University of Virginia, USA, indicates that it is even worse if it occurs on a weekend. The "end end of week" has been highlighted by other studies for patients treated in hospitals because of heart attack, blood clots in the lungs, rupture of abdominal artery and spills of various. And new research indicates that this occurs in cases of intracerebral hemorrhage.

Evaluating more than 13.8 thousand patients treated at a hospital in 2004 because of cerebral hemorrhage, the researchers found that those treated in Saturdays or Sundays had 12% more likely to die in hospital than those who went to the hospital for the second to Friday. And the studies found differences in age, gender, income and medical insurance of the patients, and volume of care and location of the hospital.

The authors believe that the greatest number of deaths at the end of the week may be due to the reduction of medical staff in that period, the relative lack of experience of some of these plantões or the limitation of the availability of certain procedures that are carried out in "days." Therefore, experts suggest that institutions conducting audits to discover and correct the factors related to the final end of the week. "

Jul 24, 2009

A new zero calorie and refreshing!

This Thursday, 16, the Health Blog has the exclusive for the press launch of the new beverage known brand supported by Gatorade, the Hydractive propel. " The novelty, which is coming to the Brazilian market is already successful in countries like USA, Argentina and Mexico. For women who have an active life and sports as light hiking, pilates and yoga in addition to the complement killing the seat and have zero calorie is an excellent choice for moisturizing the body.
Unlike the isotonic, which contains in its carbohydrate composition, the beverage is a source of the B complex vitamins - B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine) - and vitamin E (tocopherol acetate). Members of the GSSI - Gatorade Sports Science Institute, reference on sports nutrition and hydration, were at the event and warned about the large number of people who have no tradition of hydrate adequately. The seat is a sign that the body is already dehydrated and needs fluid replacement for its proper functioning.
Is looking for an incentive to start the group on foot or reserve some days for meditation and yoga? Enjoy the new, available in flavors lemon, kiwi-strawberry and tangerine orange. At first the product is available only in the regions south and southeast of the country. The forecast for north and northeast and is centroeste first quarter of 2010.


WASHINGTON (AFP) - Consuming red meat and sausage seems to increase the risk of death, whereas white meat consumption seems to reduce it, suggests a study in the United States, with results published in this second-feira.A research, involving more half a million people, looked at men and women with between 50 and 71 years, from 1995. The survey answered a questionnaire about their diet and were followed in the ten years, through the provision social.Durante this period, 47,976 men and 23,276 died mulheres.O study found that 20% of men and women who ate more red meat (average of 62.5 grams per thousand calories absorbed daily) had a higher risk of mortality compared to those who ate less red meat (9.8 grams per thousand calories a day). The research, published in Archives of Internal Medicine, 23 March, finds the same results among those who ate more or less embutidos.Os authors of the study concluded that we could prevent 11% of deaths among men and 16% among women with a 20% reduction in consumption of red meat or embutidos.Já between the queries that have more white meat, 20% had a lower risk of death in the group who consumed meat branca.O risk of death caused by cardiovascular diseases among the group that ate less red meat and sausage was 11% lower among men and 21% among women in relation to that ate more red meat and sausage, highlight the authors of the study, the National Cancer Institute of the USA (NCI).

Jul 23, 2009

Scientists discover gene that protects the teeth against cavities

A team of scientists at the University of Oregon in the United States identified the gene that controls the production of dental enamel, the outside and hard on teeth. The discovery could pave the way for the repair of enamel fillings without the creation of teeth in the laboratory and end the use of dentures.

It is believed that searches that include the control of gene and stem cell technology may enable the strengthening of existing enamel, in addition to making possible the creation of artificial teeth for replacement if the patient needs.
Therefore, it would be possible to reduce caries and the need for fillings. Some teams of researchers had already succeeded in cultivating internal parts of the tooth in the laboratory, but not the enamel.

Jul 22, 2009

You change the color of your eyes forever?

For those dissatisfied with the color of your eyes, a surgical technique developed in Panama since 2002 promises to change the color of the rainbow. The procedure has attracting Brazilian Central America, but the doctors warn about the numerous risks that may be caused, such as cataracts, glaucoma and even blindness.
The pioneer of the technique, which is the introduction of a silicone lens of the camera before, is the ophthalmologist Delary Kahn. He says he has performed about 600 surgeries so far and only 1% of cases the patient had side effects. But the great danger lies in the fact that the territory panamense there is no requirement of previous experimental research application of the method.
Given this, we need more studies on the technique, which is already used in albinos and people with eye problems, to be broadcast in vain to call. The safety of surgery and its release by Anvisa is indispensable factor for patients who wish to leave contact lenses and colored agree, of course, with the eye color you want.

Jul 21, 2009


The name of the danger is salmonella, a disease caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella, which infect about 1% of the eggs of chicken. It causes diarrhea, vomiting and fever very strong. "Children, elderly and immunosuppressed people may even die," a team from the Universidade Estadual Paulista. "Eggs are especially problematic in dishes that are consumed by many people and spend time without refrigeration." The classic example is mayonnaise served on a marriage that meets, say, 200 people for five hours - that time, the bacterial colony may take account of the repast. The Salmonella lives in the intestines of birds and contamination in general, occurs in the position of the egg by cracking the shell. There would only discard cracked eggs and wash the other. That occurs between the approximately 2 500 varieties of the plague reaches the egg while it is in training. It is therefore impossible to distinguish one sound from another egg infected with salmonella. How to avoid it, then? Cooking eggs. "The salmonella dies at temperatures above 65 degrees," says Joseph As yolk solidifies at 60 degrees, say goodbye to fried egg with soft yolk. Homemade mayonnaise, eggs raw, or thinking - but the industrialized eat without fear, made with boiled eggs.

Influenza A H1N1 - WHO emphasizes the importance of vaccine

The warning came through the management of vaccine from the World Health Organization (WHO). Experts analyzed the recent epidemiological data on the pandemic, and came to this conclusion. After the vaccine is ready, all countries need to receive adequate doses, because the pandemic virus A (H1N1) can not be contained. The recommendation is for health workers in the area are the first to be vaccinated. After the population is vaccinated health, each country depending on the risk groups to prevail and its epidemiological situation, should establish its own strategy.



2 medium lemons
4 flakes of gegibre
500 ml of water
Honey to taste
Method of Preparation:

Squeeze the lemons and mix with shavings of ginger and the honey. If not consistent, we can beat everything in the blender with 500 ml of water. Can be taken daily, it is flu for three to four times a day. It is a delight!


Diabetes is a disease caused by deficiency in the production of insulin. The pancreas is the organ responsible for production of this hormone, which has a very simple function: to increase the permeability of the plasma membrane to glucose.
Insulin also stimulates the liver and muscle cells to transform the small molecule of glucose in the large molecule of glycogen, stimulating thus lipogenesis.
In simple we can say that after metabolized inside the cell, glucose is converted into energy. This is only possible because the insulin acts by increasing the permeability of cell membrane, allowing the cell to receive and turn glucose into energy, to thereby perform all its functions.
The main characteristics of this disease are: hyperglycaemia, or an increase in the amount of blood glucose and glycosuria (presence of sugar in the urine).
Among its most common symptoms are: increased frequency in urination, excessive thirst, excessive appetite, weight loss, itching and skin diseases, inflammations of the nerves, etc..
Because this deficiency in the production of insulin, the diabetic should avoid sweets, pasta (such as when metabolized in our body are converted into glucose), alcohol, etc..
It is important that when diabetic control their food, because doing this, can lead a life with less risk of being affected by such complications common to patients with diabetes.
There are two types of diabetes, type 1, this, your carrier is dependent on insulin. The most affected by this type are children and adolescents.
And the type 2, which unlike the type 1, its carriers are not dependent on insulin and its highest incidence occurs among adults. Find a doctor for better orientação

Watch the salt

The World Health Organization (WHO) and reduce the daily recommendation
up to 5 grams, the equivalent of a dessert spoon. To
specialists, we must lead a life more dry. The consumption of salt
among Brazilians is twice that of the WHO recommends, and here the limit is
of 6 of table salt per day. The estimated daily intake of salt is
, 11 dessert spoons of the day. Indeed, the rganismo
needs sodium, electrolyte essential for cellular functions. However, the
imbalance causes excess hydroelectrolytic, says nutritionist Vilma
Blondet, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the UFF.
The lack is greater because the processed foods now
contain sodium. Even made with sweeteners lead dietary sodium
(such as sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin), beyond
fizzy drinks. "Almost 75% of the salt we consume comes from the addition of
sodium chloride in food processing. "(Source: Daily SP)