May 30, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- the dog that lived and other matters related to Joplin Animal Rescue (OT)

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Subject: Multi-D News Star--the dog that lived and other matters related to Joplin Animal Rescue
Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 09:44:52 -0700
From: Sibyl Walski <>

This story is all over Facebook. Some a--hole on Malta bound a dog's paws,
front and back, tied her muzzle shut, shot her in the head with a shotgun at
close range and buried her alive. Animal investigators came upon her when
they were investigating another lead completely when they heard "faint
whispers" coming from under a board that was held down with a tree stump and
found her with only her snout sticking out of the ground. The article tells
the story and the aftermath well. The people of Malta and around the world
who have heard of this are outraged and have chipped in on a substantial
reward to catch the perp. That is the goods news. This kind of thing is
being pushed to the forefront and those with a moral compass are rallying
and acting on behalf of all life.

The things being sent to me on Facebook relating to animal cruelty make me
ill--burnings, starvings, stabbings and one case in which some sicko caught
someone's dog and skinned it alive. They are also heartening, and a
barometer of the consciousness changes happening now--other humans rallying
to rescue, heal, protect--there are chip-in funds to pay for necessary care,
for example--cases of stark raving lunacy are sparking movements to toughen
animal cruelty laws here and elsewhere, including Malta, which has the same
cultural indifference and repulsion toward animals that Greece does.

I have spent much of the week networking for the lost animals of Joplin (my
brother lives in Springfield and has many friends and coworkers who live in
Joplin) and find Facebook to be a good tool. It does have its uses when the
chips are down. People stop posting drek and start helping each other! BTW,
anyone living out that way--the page for the Joplin Animal Lost and Found
has a request for big fans. The animals are being house in a big metal
warehouse and the heat and humidity are making them sick.

Here is a contact if you can help: Eric Wells
We need large industrial fans donated here at the shelter. The animals are
not doing well in this heat & humidity. Please email me at with your phone number and I will call you to co-ordinate
the donation. Thanks.

The Joplin Humane Society also has a request:
The Joplin Humane Society is in DESPERATE need of FRONTLINE or ADVANTAGE for
dogs and cats, please make a donation to them to protect these guys from
those pesky bugs while they wait to be reunited with their owners