Jun 25, 2011

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    Sammy Leung Jun 24 01:41PM -0700 ^
    Google, this service is about life. You cannot stop it suddenly. I have once
    used this service and saved my girlfriend's father.
    He is allergic to a kind of medicine and when I record for this, I more...
    stian Jun 24 05:12PM -0700 ^
    this is just bad, from reading on Engadget many people did not even
    know this service did exist.
    This is a great service and i think this should continue, Microsoft
    needs a competitor in this space more...
    Tractor Mom Jun 16 04:20PM -0700 ^
    I would like an answer from Google Health Rep as to how much longer we
    will have to wait on sharing profile info!! Everything brought out in
    the above discussion needs to be addressed by Google or more...
    Neto Jun 21 09:55PM -0700 ^
    Adrián Jun 21 10:52AM -0700 ^
    I have just started to add medications to a person and I found that is
    impossible to choose different days of the week with a dose and other
    days with a different dose...
    Isn't that basic??? more...
    sc98007 Jun 19 12:56PM -0700 ^
    Why can't I edit the names of the test results ? I realized some of my
    blood work is given in %, while other is in th/mm3, I want to rename
    the results w/o having to delete the whole thing and more...
    EroMraB Jun 18 07:22PM -0700 ^
    That would be impossible right now since they wouldn't be able to
    differentiate between walking, driving, riding a bike, etc.
    EroMraB Jun 18 07:21PM -0700 ^
    That's what I'm trying to figure out...
 Topic: Canada?
    Tedward Jun 17 01:38PM -0700 ^
    It has been a couple of years now, any word on when Canadian users
    will be able to sign up?
    Tractor Mom Jun 16 04:25PM -0700 ^
    How do I retrieve medicines that I checked and "removed from
    summary"? These were meds that I had finished using but I want to
    keep a record of taking those meds in case I get the same condition more...

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