Jun 27, 2011

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    micah smith Jun 26 10:31AM -0700 ^
    HIPPA laws and ensuring your data is safe in a transfer is the simple
    answer, a logistical nightmare when uploading data to a different
    On Jun 16, 6:20 pm, Tractor Mom wrote:
    micah smith Jun 26 10:44AM -0700 ^
    yes they need to scrap it and make it patient centered, I have been e-
    mailing, "linked-in"ing them for over 8 months with THE VISION, and
    how they can help where everyone else has failed, or cannot more...
    micah smith Jun 26 10:28AM -0700 ^
    I wrote several times, and tried to capture someone's attention, and
    never got a response. I will lay everything on the line for you.
    I am Micah C. Smith R.N. DON
    Reasons for failure: more...
    OSZ Jun 25 12:46PM -0700 ^
    I did linked Google Health with Withings scale and Fitbit, live
    outside the US, I can not use MSFT Vault, what service should I use
    after Google will shut the door???
    JBM Jun 25 04:04AM -0700 ^
    I can't BELIEVE you are shutting this down!!!! I have entered data for
    10 years, and the way the data was entered was specific to Google
    Health, (charts etc...). more...
    hobbitt Jun 25 10:56AM -0700 ^
    Has anyone managed to import their Google Health data into Microsoft's
    I exported my Google data in the CCR XML format. HealthVault imported
    the file successfully, but didn't more...
    zala Jun 25 01:09PM -0700 ^
    How do I transfer my Medical Contact to HealthVault? When I uploaded
    my ccr.xml document, my Medical Contacts were not added.
    My Medical Contact Info (all nine, with name, specialty, address, more...

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