Jun 28, 2011

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    dadrivr Jun 26 07:28PM -0700 ^
    I agree, we need a petition. Who knows how to start one?
    On Jun 24, 8:12 pm, stian wrote:
    Mjun Jun 27 05:56AM -0700 ^
    Hope that Google can bring Google Health back soon.
    Perhaps society is today still more concerned about money, work and play
    than health. But if the growing obesity epidemic and concerns over more...
    Nutmac Jun 27 10:24AM -0700 ^
    It has been awhile since Google spent considerable effort on new web
    application (Google Docs is probably Google's last success). Google
    Health shutdown, along with shutdown of other services like more...
    Sebastian Paris Jun 27 11:27AM -0700 ^
    Google Health team leaders are missing the point.
    They have everything in hands for Google Health to be a success.
    It just lacks vision, engaging UI and convergence with the other Google
    Apps. more...
    Liverman Jun 27 06:59AM -0700 ^
    Good Morning to Ms.Marissa Mayer & Mr. Aaron Brown:
    I am writing to you regarding the closure of Google
    Health. Unfortunately the service that you created did not have much more...
    AaronB Jun 27 06:48AM -0700 ^
    Hi hobbitt,
    Thanks for letting us know about this. We've received a few scattered
    reports like this over the last day or two and are investigating.
    We haven't been able to reproduce the issue more...
    Rachael Jun 27 12:23AM -0700 ^
    you have to physically input them, one by one.
    most of my information that got lost when i uploaded the only format
    they accepted in healthvault i had to re-input manually.
    it's obnoxious, but more...
    AaronB Jun 27 06:42AM -0700 ^
    Hi zala,
    Unfortunately, medical contacts are not part of the CCR standard and
    so there is no way we're aware of to transfer them automatically to
    However, please note that your more...
    Ozphotoguy Jun 27 03:07AM -0700 ^
    Dear Google
    You create the most amazing things
    You have replaced the "?" with google.com
    Just Google It !! is now part of the language
    Andoid drives my mobile life
    And Google Health takes more...
    dadrivr Jun 26 07:29PM -0700 ^
    Hey guys,
    First of all, let me say that Google Health is AMAZING. It is the
    best tool out there by far for integrating health records in one
    place. Second, I was very disappointed to see that more...

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