Jun 29, 2011

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    AaronB Jun 28 05:21AM -0700 ^
    Just wanted to provide an update here. We've identified and fixed a
    problem that occurred in rare cases with the CCR export. Thanks to
    everyone who reported this and to hobbitt in particular for more...
    Mike Carroll Jun 28 08:05AM -0700 ^
    I'm now able to import Google Health records into HealthVault. It mostly
    works, except that none of my immunization dates were brought forward. I
    haven't checked all the other data yet.
    Mohamed A. Hassan Jun 28 01:13AM -0700 ^
    I am in the line with you guys, it is very useful tool and I am really
    frustrated from this decision, it looks like a warrior just
    surrendered without really trying to make victory.
    Sebastian Paris Jun 27 09:21PM -0700 ^
    I really hope someone at Google picks-up your message.
    You seem to have made your research and have a human approach to this.
    I also developed a concept with health professionals that would more...

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