Jun 4, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- The only effective cure for osteoporosis

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What do doctors have to say about osteoporosis and QRS?

Many doctors and researchers worldwide have extended the use of PEMF's beyond the healing of fractures to a wide variety of conditions, including arthritis, osteoporosis, and many other conditions. 

Dr. William Pawluk, MD

Dr. Pawluk says that "
magnetic fields are exquisitely able to develop osteogenesis", (the formation of new bone).[1]  Interestingly, Dr. Pawluk describes a European study with the QRS in patients with clinical osteoporosis which resulted in a 15-25% improvement in bone density within 6 months.  During the national teleconference call, concerning women's health issues, Dr. Pawluk also had this to say about osteoporosis:

"Magnetic fields have been approved by the FDA for
            years to help improve bone health and bone growth.
            For osteoporosis, this [QRS] is something I strongly
            recommend.  Every post-menopausal woman should
            be on some kind of bone stimulation program, and
            this is where the QRS shines."[2]

Dr. Pawluk reveals that research has shown the following PEMF effects on bone
1.  Stimulates osteoblastic activity.  Osteoblasts are bone building cells.
2.  Stimulates various hormones and chemicals associated with bone growth and bone density.
3.  Seems to decrease the effects of osteoclasts.  Osteoclasts are bone resorbers which break down bone.

Dr. Pawluk also points out that the safety and convenience of the QRS make it an excellent complementary therapy for bone health for a lifetime.  Also, the wide range of applications and benefits of the QRS make it a useable therapy for the whole family.

[1], [3] February 7, 2002 National Teleconference Call
[2] July 18, 2002 National Teleconference Call
*For more information about the teleconference calls or to receive a free copy of selected past calls click here.

Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, MD

Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, MD, author of the book Detoxify or Die, considers the QRS to be the only effective treatment for osteoporosis.  In her book she argues that the present osteoporosis medication does not remodel bones, but "merely keeps the same old bone."  The QRS, in contrast, actually stimulates new bone growth.  Dr. Rogers also shares a personal report from a Harvard medical school faculty physician in her 40's with resistant osteoporosis:

              "She improved her continually deteriorating bone
              scan 6% in less than a year with using the QRS. 
              She was ecstatic, since nothing else had worked
              before this." (p. 289, Detoxify or Die)

Dr. Rogers provides extensive information about the QRS backed up by clinical and scientific research in her book.  Besides osteoporosis, she discusses other uses of the QRS including pain relief, wound and nerve healing, and directly points out that "all hospital beds should have a QRS built into them to prevent osteoporosis and bed sores, much less to promote speedier healing and recovery."  Dr. Rogers' details of the QRS are only a fraction of the information in this book.  I recommend that this book become a part of everyone's health library. 

General Practitioner Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz, Germany

I have been using Quantron Resonance System since June 1994 for all age groups and for a variety of different diagnoses. During this time I have been carefully observing for eventual side effects. No negative side effects have been observed. I have found a few cases where blockages have been dissolved. I have been able to control this by adjusting the level. Great achievements and large improvements have been observed in the following cases:- Elderly people's ability to move, recovery after trauma, healing of wounds, fractures, vegetative stigmata, metabolism (diabetes metabolism of fat), menopause problems, depression, sleep disturbances, migraine, fatigue, abnormal tiredness, better concentration, improved circulation, cerebral and peripheral, decreased hyperactivity in children, chronic pain in joints (wear and tear), backache, spinal column, osteoporosis, sciatica, rheumatic complaints, gout, chronic pain, vegetative systonia, tension of muscles, regeneration.  The patients have assessed the treatment in a positive way. In my practice I have been able to reduce medication, in some cases remove it completely: - Antihyper and hypertonia, medication for osteoporosis, hypnotics, tranquillisers, anti-diabetic medication, vein therapy, anti-asthmatic, among other conditions.

See osteoporosis case studies of Dr. Hannelore Bilz

"Many report reversing osteoporosis with only eight minutes twice a day for 4-8 months."
-Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.
Detoxify or Die

Use of the QRS has been proven safe and effective in Europe and Australia.  As yet, no medical claims are made or implied concerning the use or application of the QRS in the US or Canada.

If you suffer from an ailment or injury always consult your physician.  This product should never be used as a replacement for professional medical treatment. 

Caution is advised for use of the QRS by pregnant women, people with pacemakers, severe mycosis or epilepsy.

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