Jun 10, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Vibrant Energy: Where Did the Pain Go?


Vibrant Energy

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June 10, 2011


Are the stresses of daily life getting you down?

Family pressures got you on the ropes?

Financial worries choking the life out of you?

Suffering with chronic pain?



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Stop the stress!  Feel FREE again!



Hi Friends,


"Where did the pain go?" is a common response from my new students, when they try this simple technique for the first time. Properly applied, many people find relief within a few minutes, and the results are often permanent.  Occasionally they might experience a recurring pain, but it too can be dealt with in short order and just as easily.


There seem to be two causes of pain that traditional medicine typically ignores. 


When the your energy is out of balance, due to emotional upset, it will cause a disruption in your energy field, and your health can be compromised.  The result is pain and/or disease.  When going to a traditional medical doctor, they may suggest an EEG or MRI test which measures, photographs and uses information from your body's energy (electromagnetic) field to diagnosis and treat disruptions in your physical body.


Traditional medicine has also become aware that our emotions trigger production or shutdown responses in the hormone and neutrotransmitter balance in our bodies. Happy, cheerful, carefree emotions can produce healthy hormonal changes.  These can bolster our immune system and speed healing.  Negative emotions stimulate the production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which are the flight or fight chemicals.  When these are released, we feel stressed and on edge.  As we wrote in our last newsletter, emotional stress contributes to many physical symptoms, from high blood pressure to heart disease to ulcers and more. Yet, doctors ignore this, as well. 


Even recognizing that we are creatures made up of energy, and seeing for themselves, as evidenced by our MRI or EEG,  that our energy indicates that we become ill, they still don’t recognize that they should work with our energy to make us well!  They insist on treating the physical, and leaving out the energy body.


They even recognize that negative emotions are also a major contributor to pain. They recognize that stress can result in back aches or migraines!  But they resort to pain killers for the body, again ignoring the energy body.


But we have learned, when we work with the energy body, we see many cases in which pain disappears, as we deal with the negative emotions, calming and clearing them.  This not only lifts the emotional load the sufferer is carrying, but also relieves their physical pain at the same time!


I wrote a few months ago about the woman who had come to me two years after having had a terrible accident in which a furniture lift, which was attached to the back of a furniture moving truck, was dropped  on her foot.  She still had scabs on her ankle and leg and foot, as well as scars, and she had not been able to have anything on her foot, not a shoe nor even a sock, as she couldn’t stand the pain.  She had given away all her shoes.  She came in flipflops, in winter, to learn the technique.  We spent about 10 minutes working on her emotions and the pain.  In just a few minutes, the pain disappeared completely.  She gingerly touched her foot and then poked at it -- and I touched it and then poked at it.  No sensitivity!  No pain!  She told me on the way out the door that she was going to go and buy new shoes on her way home.   And the next week when I saw her again, she was wearing the biggest smile I’ve seen, and a new pair of shoes.


Your pain can be just as easily dealt with.  It can disappear, literally, in minutes. 


Once you learn this amazingly simple technique, you can change your energy field and you can change your emotional state.  Then you can change your life to include or exclude anything you choose. 


Would you like to change a pattern, such as procrastination? 


Change a habit, such as smoking or nail biting? 


Eliminate a phobia, such as fear of water or heights or public speaking? 


All of these are physical manifestations of disruptions in your energy field, and once corrected, the issue disappears!


What’s holding you back? 


Call me and we can discuss your situation. 


Need more information?  Check out my web page and read the blog and the testimonies of others who have alleviated their suffering and changed their life. 


Your life can be different…you just have to want to make it happen and then step up and call.




Love and blessings,


Jan Slama

Vibrant Energy


Change your energy, change your life!


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Diatomaceous Earth:  Consisting of 14 different life-giving minerals, including predominantly silica, this powder can be mixed into water or juice and has little flavor of its own.  It provides basic building blocks for your cells, and creates wonderful energy.  Not the buzzy energy such as coffee provides, but sustained strength and vitality.  You can feel the difference.  We will not ship diatomaceous earth, but you can pick some up from us here in the Spokane Valley.  Email us for more info, prices and testimonies!  Vibrantenergyheals@gmail.com




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We owe our wonderful men and women who are now serving or have ever served in the military a huge debt of gratitude.  If you are suffering from Post Traumatic stress, Gulf War Syndrome or similar military duty related maladies, injuries or injection reactions, or you suspect that these are the problems, I want to help you be free of those debilitating issues.  Just mention that you are serving or have served.  Let me show you how to quiet and relax your jangled nerves!  After the initial three lessons free, you will receive a reduced rate for as long as you need the guidance and instruction.  This reduced rate offer includes military spouses and their underage children living in their home.




You’ll be surprised at the peace this simple energy healing technique can bring,

and you can learn to do it for yourself, anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes.


So simple a child can (and has!) used it effectively.


Please don’t give up hope.  Don’t give in to the “Why Bother” syndrome!  The stresses in your life can be dismissed in a few minutes.


Why struggle day after day with the same old problems, which only cause stress and worry and fear -- which wrecks havoc with your heart and blood pressure, when with just a few minutes with this technique can bring you results beyond imagining!  WAY better and so much faster than Yoga or Hypnosis or Acupuncture or any of the conventional therapies.  Much simpler.  Pain FREE.  And with lasting results.


This simple energy healing technique involves no drugs or supplements, no counseling, no painful rehashing of traumatic past events, no forcing yourself to “be brave and face your fears!”


Yet, it has consistently demonstrated that it can bring personal peace to those suffering from stress and anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, and even chronic pain!  Results are, across the board, impressive and highly rewarding to the sufferers of these debilitating problems.


Check out the web page and then call me or email me for your appointment.  You can use this wonderful technique every day of your life to relax your stressors and calm your jangled brain and nerves.


Life can be joyous again!



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