Jul 25, 2011

6 Ways That You Can Effectively Treat Your Minor Depression

1. Think about adopting a pet. This is something that I've done and I
can confirm that those who own pets, including cats or dogs, live a
happier and healthier life. The reason is because pets provide
companionship and unconditional love, which is one of the reasons that
they may help to eliminate minor cases of depression and/or stress.
2. A regular fitness regimen may help to treat depression, including
walking or a leisurely jog. Experts believe that walking for 30
minutes each day may help to ease stress and anxiety, which often lead
to depression, and may also improve cardiovascular health.
3.Find a hobby that you enjoy. If you have too much time on your
hands, consider volunteering at a local hospital or becoming involved
in some type of community activity that offers you personal
satisfaction and enjoyment. After all, busy hands are happy hands.
4. The loss of sleep is one of the leading causes of stress and
anxiety, which are directly related to depression. In order to improve
the quality of your sleep, make sure that your mattress is
comfortable, along with your pillow. It may also help to keep your
bedroom at a comfortable temperature so that you can sleep soundly
through the night without being disrupted by hot or cold temperatures.
And finally, the use of portable air filters will help to remove
allergens in the air and will leave your room with a feeling of
cleanliness. This may help to ease allergies, which often disrupt
sleep and can lead to anxiety throughout the day.
5. Consider the cause of your depression and try to remove it from
your life. Whether it be a job or a relationship, you may be able to
effectively eliminate the depression by getting away from the cause.
If your work is stressful because of the amount of hours spent on the
job, consider cutting back on overtime in exchange for more enjoyment
at home and with family. If your schoolwork is too demanding, consider
evaluating your courses and which are most important for your
education. If a relationship is what has you in a rut, consider a
counseling session for couples or talk with your partner about
whatever it is that's troubling you. If the problem is too great to
work through, consider some time apart to reevaluate your relationship
and see if the depression eases after a trial separation.
6.Learn to relax and consider learning how to meditate. This may
sound like a tall order but it can be learned and can produce great
results. I know because I suffered terribly from stress and anxiety
and relaxation exercises really got me back on track.
For more information about depression visit http:/

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