Jul 16, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- The art of sleeping in a box - Adorable!

                                                    The art of sleeping in a box


This is a How-to with lots of pictures to make it easy. 



Start with simply sleeping on your back...
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or on your side.
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Consider using the top flap of the box as a pillow.
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If you are longhaired, use the benefit of your coat and tail.
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Remember that you and your box must nearly become one.
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Use your imagination: try an S-like position.
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or an inverted C-like position...
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or even an L-like one.
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If you totally trust your humans, relax your back legs to the maxi mum ..
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Sometimes O-like positions do not fit the box well, but you can always experiment.
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If the box is rather small, try sticking  your paws & tail out of it...
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or stretch just one paw out, like this (back paw)..
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or like this (front paw)..
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Invite your friend to join you...
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and enjoy it.
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Your humans may wonder how you can sleep like that..
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ignore them and  enjoy..
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Perhaps they will not even notice you..
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To avoid unwanted attention, choose a box that matches your fur color.

or you can trying hide in an absolutely unexpected box..
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This position is for experienced yoga cats..
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as well as this one..
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Even small boxes will do in a pinch...
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You can use any box-like structure you can find to get some practice..
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Just remember to be creative!
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