Jul 31, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Budwig Diet.

Cottage cheese is used to get protein into the diet.  It is also
a component to FOCC, which is the cancer killer.  Cottage
cheese is < 5 % of the diet.  The proof is in the pudding.  Dr,
Budwig claimed an > 90 % broad spectrum cancer patient
CURE rate.  This was confirmed by other MDs who studdied
Budwig's medical records, for the express purpose to prove
her wrong. 
A 2005 Journal of Clinical Oncology published study was the
5 year efficacy of chemotherapy on broad spectrum cancers. 
The study documented that TOXIC chemo only produced an
@ 2.9 % cure rate.
If you wish to be picky about a small cottage cheese amount in
an overwhelmingly vegan diet, feel free to do so.  In my book,
if it inexpensively, NON TOXICALLY, holistically CURES cancer
patients, produces a 30 X greater CURE rate over an overwhelmingly
bankruptsy producing, TOXIC, allopathic cancer treatment protocol,
that typically kills the patient, then I'll "suffer" some cottege cheese. 

Bruce Chesley
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If Budwig were strictly began it wouldn't use cottage cheese would it?
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I cured myeloma with Budwig FOCC + Alkaline diet. Budwig is
strictly vegan.
"The cure is in your grocery store."
Bruce Chesley