Jul 29, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- The Cancer Diet Simplified


The Cancer Diet Simplified

By Jan Slama


The cancer diet is a simple diet, though not necessarily an easy diet. Since Cancer is a fungus, our efforts are aimed at starving the fungus by avoiding carbs, sugar, white flour, pastas, bakery goods, sweets, etc.   That means a low carb diet, but not a NO carb diet.  Carbs are a necessary part of our body’s needs, so just don’t eat carbs excessively.  Complex carbs such as potatoes, carrots, peas, are fine.   It is the sugary carbs that cause the trouble by feeding the fungus.


Lots of fresh, raw veggies, washed well to remove all traces of any pesticide are best.  They have the nutrients needed to fight the cancer.  Cooking destroys much of their nutritional value, so if you must cook them, barely steam them.  Butter, not margarine, is better for your body. 


If you want to juice, do vegetables.  My friend cured her mom of cancer with veggie juicing only.  Not even using any supplements, she was well in a year, even though the doctors had sent her home to die.  Fruits are full of sugar!  Sugar feeds the fungus, of course, but one small one a day, is not excessive.  Keeping the sugars, including fruit sugars, to a minimum during your treatment period will not feed the fungus or prolong your treatment period.


If you eat meat, cooking it at low temps, as in boiling, baking, steaming, crock pot, etc. are best.  High temps cause chemical changes in the meat that feed fungus, so don’t broil, fry or barbeque your meat for a while until you are better.   Avoid processed meats.  They all contain nitrates and nitrites, which are carcinogens.   Avoid processed foods of all kinds, because of all the additives!  Keep your cooking simple.  Veggies and meat work best.


Use pots and pans of steel, glass or cast iron.  Avoid the non-stick variety.  That is a carcinogen as well.


Avoid soda pop and sweet drinks, but drink lots of water to flush your system. 


Supplements come and go in popularity.  Red rice, graviola, essiac tea, baking soda, Vitamin C and lots of different supplements have had their hour in the spotlight.  And they all do work to a greater or lesser degree, but the ones which have stood the test of time, are easily available and easily self-administered, and which work well are Vitamin D3, Iodine, MMS, and Asparagus.  Each approach the cancer from a different direction and each is VERY effective.   You can find more info on these at my website at the bottom of this article.


One more thing that would be very helpful for your body to fight this fungal infestation is antioxidants.  The most effective, least expensive one I know of is Pycnogenol.   It is 50 times more powerful than vitamin C.  It cleans up free radicals in your system, which damage your cells.  It protects your healthy cells, even from radiation, such as cancer patients receive in Chemotherapy. My friend took pycnogenol during his chemo and radiation treatments, and came through with flying colors.  He didn’t lose his hair, wasn’t constantly sick and weak, and the doctors couldn’t believe how quickly he healed.  It protects your healthy cells like nothing else I know.  (And a bonus for us ladies -- it protects so well, it also helps prevent wrinkles and aging!)  I’ve taken it for over 30 years.  If I had to give up all my supplements but one, this is the one I’d keep because it heals and protects at the cellular level, so it benefits the whole body.  www.swansonvitamins.com carries it.  I take l mg per pound of body weight.


There are many cures for cancer.  It is EASILY cured if you know what and how to do it and if you stick with it.  I recommend these five really effective ones because I know they work.  However, adding several new supplements into your body all at the same time just stresses it further.  So pick a couple of things, and start on one.  Give it a week or two and then add the next one.  Give it a week or two, before adding another.  This will allow the necessary flora to develop in your intestinal tract so that what you are taking is digested properly and utilized fully.


If we lived on this diet to begin with, we would get far fewer cancers—except perhaps from the radiation that we are all receiving because of Chernobyl, Fukushima, open pit uranium mines, X-rays, cell phones, those terrible airport scanners, etc.  Radiation is a killer and is one big reason cancer is occurring at such a high rate today.  Pycnogenol and MMS are excellent for protecting our cells and detoxing from that.  You’ll find a report on Radiation detoxing on my website also.  The energy products provide actual protection from radiation by keeping the radiation from ever entering your cells.  You’ll find more info on the website on those, as well.


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