Jul 21, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Reminder: Healing gathering at Earth Rising Sanctuary

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to remind you that this Healing Gathering is coming up.  Do make your plans to join us there.

Love and blessings,


Jan Slama

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"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12.

Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, Says the Lord almighty."  Zach. 4:6.

Pray without ceasing, because our only hope for our nation is in God.



HEALING GATHERING: July 28-31 2011 at Earth Rising Sanctuary
CONTACT Feather at 509-732-4301
(will call you back if it's long distance)
see us on www.tribe.net and www.ic.org,
search for "earth rising sanctuary" .
See below for more information

July 28-31 Healing gathering @ Earth Rising Sanctuary.

Pat Dougherty - Energy medicine/ Science meets spirituality - holistic chiropracter
(Sunday 10:15)

Kyle Bailey - Shamanic healing and soul retrieval (Saturday 10:15)

Debra Peterson - creating and healing with sacred geometry, angelic merkeba and angelgate
 medicine wheel (Saturday 1:15)

Sally Trautner - universal white time energy medicine healing, Egyptian healing
rods,aromatherapy, learn of singling molecules (Asea)(four separate workshops)
(Workshops ongoing in Sunroom ongoing Friday 3:00 through rest of gathering)

Leon Sproule - Finding the future (intro into shamanic consciousness) (Saturday 3:00, 
Sunday 1:15)

Vivian Viers - Heart talk/ mental, emotional, spiritual healing (Saturday 3:00)

Jim Viers - Aura readings and dusting (Sunday 1:15)
Sally Despain - Tibetan singing bowls and blessings enhanced with emotional freedom 
technique (Friday 3:00)

Rich Crystalwolf - Reiki (Sunday 10:15)

Mariah Cornwoman - Saving garden seeds (Saturday 10:15)
Afri-i  - Dynamic breath release (Friday 10:30, Saturday 7:30)
Stazya Richman - Dances of Universal Peace (Sunday 3:00)

Jon Waldrup - astrology (Friday evening)

Iain Finigan - Massage (Saturday 1:15)

Life Has Meaning - Yoga, Talk on Buddhism including meditation (Friday 10:30am, 1:15pm)

Alice Palacio  - cranio-sacral therapy - listen to your body (Sunday 3pm)

*Healers above are available for private sessions as well.

Also Iain Finigan, Deborah Peterson, available for Reiki, Larry Smeltzer aka 
Spiritmingler: Polarity and Brianna Waggoner, Megan Thomas, Jim Viers, and Afri-i
available for private massages also.

SUGGESTED DONATIONS: $50 for gathering, free Thursday, $15 Friday only, $25 Saturday
only, $25 Sunday only, which covers all workshops. (donations may be in the form of labor
at $10 per hour. Contact Feather in advance to discuss labor trades, no charge for
disabled folks and those 70 and over) Bring some food for the community kitchen.  For
private sessions please bring a meaningful gift(s) for the healer(s). NO ONE WILL BE

Accommodations and things to bring: There are many campsites on land for smaller tents
(up to 10'x10') and a limited amount of larger ones.  Plenty of parking for cars and
smaller campers.  Space is very limited for buses and larger live-in
 rigs.  Best to call 
ahead if bringing a larger rig.  Bring food/supplies for kitchen and children's area,
your own bowl and utensils, flashlight, music instruments, and love.

Breakfast Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am
Morning Circles 9:30 am
Short Circle at noon followed by lunch
Evening Circle 5-6 pm followed by evening meal
Sunday closes with Dances of Universal Peace 3pm
Sunday evening afterparty and music jam for friends and family

DIRECTIONS: North 3 miles on 395 from jct. of 395/20 west side of Columbia River  2 miles
west of Kettle Falls WA, turn right onto Northport-Flatcreek Rd. go 17.5 miles to Moore
Rd.(large hay shed is on the corner to your right, opposite Fire Danger sign) turn right
and go to end (about 2 miles) turn right at the school bus turn-around just past the pond
onto the dirt road, lower parking area is 1/10th mile, upper parking area and buildings