Aug 6, 2011

[google-health-discussion] Abridged summary of - 4 Messages in 4 Topics


    Fagner Jul 27 12:08AM -0700 ^
    esse serviço do google é um dos mais promissores que essa empresa já
    criou, entendo o argumento de que o sistema não teve a aceitação que
    era esperada entre os usuários comuns, mas isso vai more...
    Brian Koppe Jul 20 06:42PM -0700 ^
    This is a real shame. Many of the Google Labs that are being shut down
    have minimal usefulness, but this one has/had the potential to be an
    extremely useful product. I'm not optimistic, but I hope more...
    kevin420phx Jul 22 10:30AM -0700 ^
    Does anyone know how I can delete my Google Health Account altogether?
    I would like to ensure the information it contains is also completely
    removed from Google's servers and not stored for future more...

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