Aug 22, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Hundreds of Dr. Greger's videos for free

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Ever watch one of my DVDs and wish you could send some nutritional nugget to someone you know? Now you can! A year in the making, is a labor of love featuring videos from the past four years of my Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVDs split into hundreds of bite-sized topical segments that can be searched and shared.

Everything's free. It's strictly noncommercial (no ads, not selling anything), strictly science-based (I even have links to all the primary source citations). And the best part is that starting today, I'm going to upload a new video every day, seven days a week, for at least the first 365 days!

I could really use everyone's help to get the word out. Please tell your friends, family, fans, and followers about the launch of Folks can subscribe to the daily video feed and follow the site on facebook or twitter.

And please feel free to join in on the fun: all the videos can be rated and discussed. I'll write daily blogs to put the new videos in context, cover newly published papers, and address breaking news. I'll take research requests, respond to comments, and answer any questions; I really hope to build a thriving interactive community around the site. I am forever indebted to the Jessie & Julie Rasch Foundation for their overwhelming generosity to turn this dream of mine into a reality.

My mission is for this to grow into an authoritative source on the latest, most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking advances in clinical nutrition. And that mission begins today!

So don't miss a day. Please check out and share this potentially life-changing, life-saving information with everyone you know.

The doctor is in! :)

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