Aug 7, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Medical specialists have become super rich at the expense of the hospitals, their staff and America's patients

Medical specialists have become super rich at the expense of the hospitals, their staff and America's patients

The medical specialists have taken the previous necessary medical examinations away from the hospitals by buying and owning their own equipment and patient recruiters.

In the day, a family doctor was an important person in the care of families. He was seen first and it was he who was instrumental in determining what the health problem might be. He was wise enough to place his patient in a hospital and arrange for the necessary tests to be taken by professional hospital staff. Only then, after the tests were analyzed, did your doctor discuss who would be called in to treat your situation.

It has become so professional and specialized that it might make a difference if it is the right big toe or the left big toe that needs removed.
Check the Yellow pages under,  "Right / Left toe specialists."

Not that way today. The greedy specialist has practically eliminated the hospitals in his lust for super wealth. Today, he summons you to his own medical laboratory den and does his "magic" right there in front of his accountant who, at that very moment,  is preparing the statement of charges.

You may even be sent straight home and told to call the Medical Dental Bureau if you feel you are dying. And that becomes your problem regardless of weather and transportation needs.

Super doc has a golf date in the Bahamas.  No concern, some new guy will take his calls.

Or, now, the hospital may again become a place where help can be reached. The super doc may even use the hospital's skilled nurses and the sanitary operating room and its equipment to again try his prima donna "voodo" to save your life at least long enough to send you another statement.

What has become of that family medicine man. He is no longer a player in the book of life. The super doc has used him to recruit the patients that Super dude will handle from there on. .Family Man is now just a travel agent with a awesome Rollidex with names of alleged miracle men

Seems a shame. However, it is capitalism working itself to death. No one has the right to prevent superman from buying his own island and his own golf course, his own drug store and even his own funera parlor and cemetery.
He wants it all.
Oh, by the way, he also gets to sign your death certificate.

Bon voyage family doctor.
"Hello" Super Doc....
"Are you fully insured? If so, take two aspirin and call me in the
--- Super Doc

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