Aug 23, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Person laid off from NASA spilling beans on the sun.

Thanks Misty for the post; Does anyone know or have info on this subject:

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Subject: Person laid off from NASA spilling beans on the sun.
Date:     Tue, 23 Aug 2011 23:13:58 +1200
From:     Misty <>

Getting laid of from NASA time to spill the beans.

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I work for NASA I am getting laid of at the end of this month. I have wasted years of specific education and dedicated my life to them to get a kick in the ass.

I don't care what happens to me, let them come knocking.

Heres the doom you want,

Why doesn't congress care about saving the economy?

Why did NASA cancel the space program?

Why did someone hedge 1 billion dollars last Thursday that the USA defaults?

Why is the US military setting up everywhere?

Why have there been seven rockets carrying satellites launched in the last week?

Because they all know something the general public doesn't.


The sun is out of control and affecting everything around it. There is an unseen "ribbon" of energy that is well documented by my own colleagues that is getting closer and will eventually pass right by/through our system. There is nothing anyone can do but sit and wait. Those with money are scrambling to invest in anything they believe will save their ass, like a poor soul with untreatable cancer. However those that have done the research know nothing can save us from what is approaching.

If you do some research this has been talked about in numerous scientific papers.

My advice? Hug your wife and kids and tell them you love them. Make everyday count. Fuck the money and the credit, live life like you only have months to live, because you do.

I post through a proxie so I can only log in secure. I will answer what I can not because I have to keep some stuff secret but because I only have certain clearance and am not privy to all info.

I'm not shitting you bottom line sun is fucked and energy ribbon is headed our way.