Aug 24, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Quality of health care in America is a disaster...

Quality of health care in America is a disaster...

Quality of health care in America is a disaster...We remain abysmally
deficient in the area of Quality Health Care. ..while .health care is
the largest industry and there is significant debate regarding the
quality of the U.S. healthcare system ...

We need quality, affordable health care we all can count on.

Americans spend the most, get the least,and have no health care

Health Care:
The shocking facts about health care in the United States are well
known. There's little argument that the system is broken Despite
devoting far more of its economic resources to health care than other
countries, the U.S. ranking on quality-of-care indicators is
remarkably low, ...

The United States spends by far the most on health care per person—
more than twice as much as Europe, Canada, and Japan which all have
some version of national health insurance. Yet we are near the bottom
in nearly every measure of our health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the U.S. health care system
37th of 190 countries, well below most of Europe, and trailing Chile
and Costa Rica. The United States does even worse in the WHO rankings
of performance on level of health—a stunning 72nd. Life expectancy in
the U.S. is shorter than in 27 other countries; the U.S. ties with
Hungary, Malta, Poland, and Slovakia for infant mortality—ahead of
only Latvia among industrialized nations.

One of these days, the lobbyists and their clients in government may
have to get out of the way and let Americans join the rest of the
developed world in the security, efficiency, and quality that comes
with health care for all.

--- Doug Pibel, Sarah van Gelder
Sarah van Gelder is Executive Editor of YES! Magazine. Doug Pibel is
Managing Editor of YES!

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