Aug 20, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Radiation Protocol Made Simple


Radiation Protocol Made Simple

By Jan Slama


Every day, we breathe in dust from the Fukushima reactors nuclear explosions, which has blown across the ocean.  We are eating meats and vegetables which radiation has fallen upon and which has been grown in soil which is now radiated from the dust and rain blown across the ocean.  Our lungs and other organs need to be detoxed. 


RADIATION CAUSES CANCER.  Radiation has encircled the world, mostly in the northern hemisphere, but I have difficulty believing the southern hemisphere hasn’t been affected, though probably not nearly as badly.  And certainly the oceans in both hemispheres are radiated because of the rain and dust falling into them and being swept around the world with the ocean currents.


Therefore, because we can’t find healthy, unradiated food—vegetables or meats, we must resign ourselves to eating and living with daily radiation.  However, we can protect ourselves.  There are several avenues of attack to keep ourselves healthy.  Detoxing baths are a simple and effective means of pulling radiation from our tissues.  Internal detoxing with supplements completes that task.  Antioxidants protect our individual cells.  Radiation is nothing to fear IF you are proactive in taking care of it.


Some of you already know that we live within 50 miles of TWO open pit Uranium mines just outside of Spokane, Washington.  No wonder we have a high cancer rate in Eastern Washington.  Our tendency has been to blame Hanford, but we have this same poison much closer to home.  The Native American tribes which are living practically on top of these open pit mines are suffering unbelievably with crippling, deforming arthritis, cancers, lung diseases, fertility issues, birth deformities and more. 


Do you know if you have open pit mines near you?  I sure didn’t, until I read it in a health report regarding the Native peoples near us. 


PLEASE protect yourselves.  It isn’t difficult, but it is necessary.  We’ve been taught the efficacy of flossing and brushing, so it only makes sense to extend this preventative care to our body as a whole.  Not flossing and brushing won’t kill you.  Radiation will…and it is a slow, painful, miserable, tortured death.




Baking Soda Baths


Run a tub as hot as you can comfortably stand it.


Add equal amounts…

2 or 3 lbs. (up to 5 lbs. for bad exposure) of baking soda from your local grocer  (1 to 2 lbs. for children)

2 or 3 lbs. (up to 5 lbs. for bad exposure) of Epsom Salts  (1 to 2 lbs. for children) Costco has 12

     lbs. for $7, which is cheaper than I’ve found on the internet when you have to pay shipping.

¾ to 1 cup of Dead sea salt or Breton salt (not table sale) or similar would be a good addition to

     support your body.  If all the salt doesn’t dissolve, it means you have added more salt than the

     amount of   water in the tub can absorb.  Just use a little less next time.


Soak in it for 18-20 minutes, then begin the wash off process in your shower.  For the first 20 minutes the body draws toxins to the surface of the skin and opens pores. As the water cools, to slightly below body temperature, osmotic exchange of fluids takes place and the toxins are drawn out of the body and into the tub of water.  Your water may become greyish or cloudy as the toxins are removed. 


At the 20 minute mark the body begins the reabsorption process.  If you continue to lie in the water, the toxins will be reabsorbed.  If that happens, you must wait 24 hours before the body will repeat the process.  Time your bath and get out at the proper time.  This is important.


Use at least twice weekly, but more often is helpful for ongoing radiation.



Other Preventative Measures


Of course, along with this external detox, you should also attend to your internal detoxing with MMS, which pulls heavy metals from your organs and tissues, because it is transported by your blood to every organ and tissue in your body.  It can take years for these internal cancers to show up in your breast ,testicles, lungs, bones, etc., so please don’t wait for symptoms before you start taking care of yourself. 


Another benefit of MMS is that while it is detoxing your body from the radiation and heavy metals, it also cleans up your system from pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses!  It is Nature’s own antibiotic, without the terrible side effects of traditional medicine’s antibiotics, because it only destroys the bad ones, not the good and necessary bacteria and viruses which perform important tasks in our body.


Lugol’s 5% Iodine is critical for your health and well-being.  It protects your thyroid from the radiation settling there.  Thyroid cancer can occur as early as 3 years from exposure, so pleases start this immediately and continue it.  Not only will it protect your thyroid where nothing else will, Iodine is such a beneficial mineral and one that nearly all of the population is deficient in.  Iodine alone would prevent many of the diseases we suffer from, including Grave’s disease, colds, flu, acne, PMS, anxiety, allergies, hypothyroidism, cancer, bladder infections, moles, dermatitis and fibroystic breast disease! 


Iodine deficiency also causes muddled thinking and poor memory.  A friend of mine was diagnosed with Alzheimers, but after a few weeks on Iodine, he was rejoining the conversations around the dinner table and seemed his old self once more.  Iodine is NECESSARY for life.  We obtain very little in our diet.  Kelp is a natural source, but when being radiated, it won’t provide sufficient iodine quickly enough.  Lugol’s 5% is the answer.



Antioxidants, Your Cells Protectors


Antioxidants protect your every cell from free radicals.  The damage to your body from free radicals is similar to the damage you’d see if a garden hose was left in the sun.  It dries out and begins to crack and soon it leaks.  The sun has destroyed your garden hose.


Similarly, your cells are under attack from free radicals.  So by cleaning them out of your body, your skin doesn’t wrinkle!  Good news, Ladies!  Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood, your brain synapses work faster and easier.  Your lungs breathe easier.  Every cell in your body has improved performance and increased ease of function by removing free radicals. 


And antioxidants are imperative for good health, if you are under radiation attack.  An 80 year old friend of mine was treated for cancer with chemo and radiation.  I had, just the year before, introduced him to Pycnogenol, the best antioxidant I’ve ever found and which I’ve used for years.  He came through the radiation and chemo with no hair loss, no vomiting, and while he did have some energy loss due to the radiation, he recovered quickly.  The doctors were amazed at his recovery because of his age.  Antioxidants clean up the radiation! 


Antioxidants come in many different supplements, including Vitamin C.  But Pycnogenol is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin C.  Astaxanthin is touted as being 65 times as powerful as Vitamin C, but Astaxantin comes in very low dosages, so you’d have to take handfuls to get enough to equal one 100 mg capsule of Pycnogenol.  I take Pycnogenol at the rate of 1 mg. per lb. of body weight.  It comes in 50 mg. or 100 mg. capsules, so you can round off to the next higher lb. weight.



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