Aug 20, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Scanning the Skin for Morgellons fibers |

I have a freind that has that and he is taking 10cc of powder MSM and 10cc of powder Lysine every day, the itching has stopped and the stuff is healing after 2 weeks of constant dosing, now he only takes that twice a week same dosage and it seems to keep it controlled. He does take 8,000. Mg of C in powder form mixed with juice through out the day. I am going to tell him about the external application of vit C  you talked about.
Thanks so much!

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Connie Marie, I can't help with the Morgellan's, but for the skin lesions, please consider taking oral megadoses of vitamin C, as much as 2,000 mg 5 times a day, and applying a paste of ascorbic acid dissolved in water to the lesions. This is as per Dr. Andrew Saul of If the vitamin C doesn't heal the skin cancers, try applying topical iodine, the strongest you can get, at least 10 times a day. This is as per Dr. Simoncini of "Cancer is a Fungus" fame.

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> I plucked out 2 white ones a while back. I thought the 1st was a piece of lint,
> but I pulled the 2nd in the wrong 'direction' and it made a small cut and
> drew blood.
> I also have some strange form of skin cancer, although it started as a
> classic spot on my leg and barely discernable rash on my
> forearms.
> Anyway, the skin cancer seems to be winning out and an ugly rash is now
> everywhere, but I've seen no other
> Morgellon threads and the itch is mild.