Sep 19, 2011

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NEW TABS: Sacred Geometry Health Pendants - New info within the Radiation tabs and "Benefits of Iodine" - Documents to download Free ebooks + newspaper samples
NEW TAB: Electrical Hypersensitivity  includes skin rash, sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain (fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, weakness, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, leg and foot pain, "flu-like" symptoms, diabetes, heart disease and fever  
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 For General  Healing Clay Information:
"ClayAdvantage" The Gift of Health
Healing vibrational videos: A place to meditate with Peaceful Relaxation Music, just click on the link below that will take you to Elements of Vibrations web site, just relax and tune your vibrations to the healing energies that will radiate around you, enjoy all 11 of the healing vibrational notes. 
To order  Sacred Geometry, Bio Energetic, Quantum Scalar Pendants" 
Scalar, Quantum, and Fir Energy, The Energy Pendant has Four magnets that are placed for magnetic energy distribution, within the four-dimensional frequency wave vectors to penetrate, stimulate and enhance the energy distribution in the four-dimensional frequency waves to enhance the energy fields. Four is a balance of frequencies, which are 1)Magnetic energy,  2)Electro magnetic energy, physical contact of which directs particle transfer of 3)Kinetic energy,  magnets stimulate blood and produces 4)Thermal energy, all these are created by the four dimensional frequencies for Energy, healing, Protection and Projection, (grounding energy for maximum projection)
"Energy Balancer Hologram With Sacred Geometry" for energy and stamina, thus restoring the energy flow to your energy points (meridians) of your body. - See our Sacred Geometry Tab on the left for more info - the store is at:

  Vaccination Information & Choice Network  Vaccines, make an informed decision By Sheri Nakken, RN, MA, Hahnemannian  Homeopath Welcome all, to these pages with links to webpages on all aspects of vaccine dangers.                _________________________________________________

Learn how to heal your energy in minutes!    Prevent or Heal Disease, Stress, Depression and more! Many people fail to recognize the amount of stress they are under, but they can tell you with certainty that they have very little peace or joy in their life.  Stress is the absence of peace.  Stress isn’t about your circumstances.  It is created by your reaction to your circumstances.  By soothing and calming your energy, which is created by your reaction, you release your stress, chronic pain, etc.  Learn a self-applied, manual healing technique (not massage) on various points on your body to restore mental and emotional peace and even control pain in minutes.   Use it every day to control Chronic Pain,  Anxiety,  Depression,  PTSD, Stress, Anger, Mood Swings, and more.  Sleep better!  Awake refreshed!  Find the peace in your life that you desire.  We also offer Scalar Energy Products!


Homeopathy Sheri Nakken, RN, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath is passionate about learning, teaching & using Homeopathy as it was meant to be, created by Samuel Hahnemann.Sheri attended Homeopathy Schools in the US and in UK; has studied the Organon by Samuel Hahnemann; studied with Dr. Luc de Schepper in person & through his writings,  based on the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon; and studied David Little’s teachings through his online archived course, also on the 5th & 6th edition of the Organon. Links on: Reality, Care & Treatment Email Class Plus much more:

 Elements of Vibrations Secret technology, Vibrational therapy, Meditation, Experiences in healing,  Angels, Kabbalah Videos, Time Travel,  Discussion group,  UFO research, dimensional contact, electromagnetic effects, psychic phenomena,  orbs,  ghosts,  Etc..