Sep 20, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Home owners whose mortgage requires flood insurance may find themselves in default by September 30th

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Thousands of home owners and business owners, many REALTORS® among them, were devastated by recent flooding in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Hurricane Irene highlighted the fact that flooding hits every corner of America. The unique weather pattern of this storm created more flooding in the mountains than it did along the coast. Even small towns as far inland as Vermont were deluged, turning small creeks into raging rivers that devastated communities and took the life of a REALTOR® in Ludlow, Vermont.

As fellow REALTOR® Kevin Sears reminds us in his video message, the only way that a home owner can acquire a federally backed mortgage in over 21,000 communities is through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There is virtually no private insurance market and standard home owner policies do not cover flood damage. Housing markets in many areas will come to a complete standstill unless this program gets reauthorized. Also, existing home owners whose mortgage requires them to have flood insurance may find themselves in default if the program lapses and they are unable to renew their policies before the 30-day grace period ends. Banks will not lend without a policy in place and the program cannot issue a flood policy without renewing the Congressional authority. This is why we need you to send a letter to Congress urging them to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program.

Without this insurance program more of the burden for the cleanup from a flood falls to tax payers in the form of federal post-disaster assistance. More hurricanes are already on the horizon and forecasts predict this to be a busy storm season. Combined with record rainfall and snow melt, flood disasters have also been declared all across the Midwest. We can expect to see more of the same just about everywhere. This program must be in place to help keep already fragile markets moving on the eastern seaboard and beyond.

Now that Congress has returned it is not certain if they will take up this important bill before the program authority to issue flood insurance expires on September 30th. Congress needs to act sooner rather than later, so it is with urgency that we ask you to send a letter to your Senators today asking that they reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program quickly.

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