Sep 13, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Memory Loss disease Causes and Treatment for Short Term Memory Loss

Excellent article with some good suggestions!  But he missed the most common reason for short term memory loss, even the beginning of Alzheimer’s symptoms!  Iodine deficiency is a major cause of slow thinking or difficulty thinking or remembering.  I saw my friend come back from almost a vegetable state --sitting on the couch and staring into space, to a vibrant, participating gentleman of 80!  6 to 8 drops of Lugol’s 5% iodine per day made this amazing change in him in just a few weeks!  More info at   Most of the US is horribly iodine deficient and the minute amount added to salt disappears long before it gets to your table.  We should all be supplementing iodine now, expecially because of the ongoing radiation from Fukushima, the new release from the nublear plan in France, and the NJ plants explosion.  Protect yourself.


This is written by a doctor, so of course he calls it a disease, but it is merely a condition due to a lack of certain nutrients.  He mentions a few.  But Iodine is one of the basics to restore proper mental function.


Memory Loss disease Causes and Treatment for Short Term Memory Loss

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Memory problems are common. Everyone's memory may fail at one time or another. Have you ever: forgotten the name of someone you just met, was unable to put a name to the face of a neighbor who saw the film, could not get the only thing that actually went to the market to buy, forgotten your new phone number at work, missed the birthday of someone for whom you have already purchased a card, forgetting where he parked the car at the mall.

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He missed an appointment, or miss a dose of 8 pm of the medication? Do not feel too bad - you're not alone.

There is a limit to everything. There will be days when subjected to stress. Recovery is essential for the body, so it is important to take your time away from strenuous activity for a while and catch up with breathing.

Breathing exercise is an effective de-stressing technique, especially when you feel overwhelmed, rushed or anxious. This will allow the smooth flow of oxygen in the lungs, which reduces the stress on your heart.

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Causes of Memory Problems
Depression is the most common cause of memory problems. With the depression, many mental processes are slower, and memory is particularly affected. Unfortunately, concerns about memory loss, depression can worsen, leading to a vicious circle.

Stress is another common cause of memory problems. Almost any concerns or stressful life events can affect our ability to store and retrieve memories. When the problem is resolved or the time has healed the pain, the memory becomes as efficient as before.

Treatment of memory loss
Those interested in obtaining short-term treatment of memory loss must first understand that there may be a bigger problem than you think. There can be an appropriate treatment for memory loss without a proper diagnosis, and unfortunately, this may take some time to find out.

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There are many, many different reasons why memory loss may occur, and patients must be willing to evaluate your lifestyle, habits, age, and a wide variety of other factors to understand why Memory loss is occurring. Memory loss can be simple forgetfulness, but can also be the amnesia, memory seriously impaired, early signs of Alzheimer's disease, or due to drugs and alcohol.

Home Remedies for Memory Loss
1. Mental exercise (word games, reading, writing) and physical exercise are important aspects of nutrition and invigorate the brain and memory. Memorize and recite poetry to your friends. Volunteer for Community Theater and memorize your part. The more you use your memory, the stronger.
2. Lower blood pressure and improve your memory. In a study of 200 men and women, those with moderately elevated blood pressure (164/89) had more memory problems than those with normal blood pressure. A dropper of tincture (Leonurus cardiaca) daily lowers blood pressure reliably and in general can be used safely with drugs if desired. (Do not use capsules of any herb while you are taking a medication.)
3. My father has been taking 400 IU of d-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E supplement) and 2-3 droppers of tincture of ginkgo (not capsules), since its non-Alzheimer's dementia seems at first sight, more fifteen years. His doctors remain amazed at the glacial pace of their losses.

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