Jun 17, 2011

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    Christo Jun 01 09:35PM -0700 ^
    This is all a bit difficult isn't it. I have entered quite a bit of
    information for my father (cancer being the catalyst) and have
    "shared" the profile with him but he cannot add information more...
    San Jun 13 12:55AM -0700 ^
    I absolutely agreed with Stan & RCH. I also want to send an automatic
    notification to every shared person whenever I update my google health.
 Topic: Aetna
    Bill_S Jun 04 11:51PM -0700 ^
    Please provide some way to load Aetna data into Google Health, Aetna
    supports Microsoft, would really like to continue to use Google Health
    Ted J Jun 10 11:02AM -0700 ^
    Can you post a link to that thread here?
    On Jun 9, 9:06 am, aninkling wrote:
    Roflo May 31 08:44AM -0700 ^
    Well, the subject pretty much says it all.
    (of course this could be used for all two-dimensional indicators, such
    as blood pressure)
    Perhaps I could add that when you hover your mouse over a dot more...
    secnav@juno.com Jun 03 10:00AM -0700 ^
    Can you link Google Health Alert as a category on the Google Health
    page. We could pick and choose the type of alert. Say something like
    yearly mammograms reminders. you could link to more...

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