Jun 17, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Tourists or UFO Stopped Atop Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano?

If it is a person, I wonder how they made it to the top since the whole perimeter is heavily guarded, and only strange lights ie UFOs are allowed to land on top, as per the Costa Rican Gov. its been like that for more than one half century that I know of. People there are used to the UFOs.  G.



Tourists or UFO Stopped Atop Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano?

A tour guide, during his latest visit to the area of La Fortuna and the Arenal volcano saw something unusual, a shiny reflection coming from the top of the colossus, a sight that he had never seen before and unexplained.

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The tour guide, Luis Carlos Burgos, decided to make a video of the occurrence and sent it to the local television news, Telenoticias.

Raul Mora, volcanologist for the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) explains that many tour guides in the areas of La Fortuna organize clandestine tours of the colossus, charging tourists hundreds of dollars for being guided to the top of the cone shaped volcano.

Climbing the Arenal volcano is illegal, the colossus surrounded by a national park that has restricted access to visitors.

The video is now being analyzed by park rangers to determine how the persons got to the top and the route they took.

Or rule out that the visitors where extraterrestrial.